Typically To Your Inbox usually within 2-3 Days(Business Days),
for Basic and Express

We do ask that you allow more time, see our comparison chart
Yes, We do Rush Order!


Your Measure Request Orders are processed immediately as received each day!

Our Field Associates are scheduled as soon as possible to visit your property, gather the data required to verify and report the appropriate details for your order.

These details are then used to generate the Plan Report, which is promptly emailed to you upon completions.

Successful Relationships are often about Communication and Expectations, We value our relationship with each and every client. we understand your need for quick and accurate results.

The following chart represents the schedule that we strive to meet,
for the Basic Measure Package!

Additional Charges may Apply for Rush Orders!

Normal Delivery is 3-5 business days

We Know you need it! We know you need it Quick!


Important Scheduling and Report Notice;
Measure Appointments are scheduled at the earliest possible date and time that works with your preferences.
Measure Reports are completed and emailed to you as quickly as possible, please allow the following for delivery of reports, AFTER the measure has been completed.
This is our target and normal delivery time,
We are able to successfully deliver reports within these times for 95% of our order, while we make every possible effort,
this is Not Guaranteed!


Normal Delivery Business Days

Express Measures -

2-3 days

Basic Measures -

3-5 days

Detailed Measures -

4-7 days

As-Built Plans -

10-15 days