We Measure Homes provides a service.

Permission for Entering Property
This service involves and requires coordination of reasonable access to private property. Acceptance of these terms acknowledges that you are the owner of, or agent of the owner with permission to grant access the properties noted in the order request, and hereby GRANT We Measure Homes and It's Agents access for the sole purpose of executing the service of home measurement and verification of measurements.

Variations and Exclusions, The Area Calculations
We Measure Homes executes measurements, verification of measurements and plan reports in compliance with industry accepted professional ANSI Standards. We Measure Homes cannot provide measurement reports for areas of a home that are not reasonably accessible. Any discrepancies that are found in measurements and/or plan reports will be verified and corrected, in a timely manner. If an error in measuring or calculation exceeds 10%, we will refund the measure fee upon request.

Delivery of the Plan Report
Plan reports are provided as part of our services in PDF file format and are delivered via email to the address details provided at the time of the order request. Every effort is made to meet and exceed your expectation and our goal of plan report delivery in 3-5 business days. Delays resulting from technical problem of any kind, whether initiating from We Measure Homes or others, or other reasonable delays in delivery, shall not constitute reason for nonpayment of  services rendered.

Invoice and Payment
Unless otherwise agreed, All payments are due prior to or at the measure appointment.
For Pre-Approved Accounts We Measure Homes will invoice you for services at the time of or 24 hours before delivery of the Plan Report. Payment are due upon receipt of invoice, unless other terms have been mutually agreed upon. Current acceptable forms of Payment include Company Check, Bank Check, Money Orders, or approved Personal Checks. And Cash, Please do not send cash via USPS.

Past Due Invoices and Collections


All payments are due prior to or at the measure appointment

If you select the bill me option an invoice will be forwarded to you via email

Invoices are Past Due if not paid in full on or before the measure appointments.

A $25.00 Late Fee will be accessed to invoices that are 7 days Past Due

Invoices 10 days or more past due are subject to additional fees.

Invoices that are 30 days or more past due are subject to industry standard 1.5% finance charges and an additional $35 processing fees.
Past Due Invoices may also be forwarded to the property owners for payment consideration and/or collection.

Invoices that are 45 days or more past due are subject legal collection efforts including but not limited to Liens being filed on the property where services were rendered.

Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy

Acceptance of these terms acknowledges your understanding and agreement to payment of the agreed amounts and terms for services ordered and rendered in part or whole.