For Custom Services provided through WMH by MND Group

Terms for Design Consultations, Custom As-Built, As-Built with Exterior Elevations, Construction Documents and other related services

All drawings and supporting documents are provided as part of the design and consulting services, or other related services offered by the mnd group. Fees and compensation granted to The MND Group for these services provide for the use of the drawings and documents by the client for this unique project as noted.

Mike Novick, the MND Group, provide design and consulting services and do not provide professional architectural services or seals on any drawings.

Important Note for Design Consulting Services:

If the scope of the services changes significantly during the process, I will make every possible effort to advise you of expected changes in the projections as quickly as I become aware of each.

Engineering services are not included. If surveying, structural or other engineering services are deemed necessary, these services and fees shall be retained and paid separately by the owner.
These Services and Billing are not conditional of permit approval, all fees shall be due prior to permitting of the project. Minor Plan edits and/or updates requested by the county or owner, are included with the basic package.

Either Party may end this agreement, provided that services already rendered have been paid, and services paid for have been rendered.

Standard account terms and conditions apply unless noted otherwise.
Invoices are issued as work progresses. Invoices are due upon receipt.
A 1.5% finance fee will be applied monthly for outstanding balances on invoices.

Personal guarantee: The client will personally guarantee payment for products and service as outlined and verified, as well as all cost associated with collection past due accounts, if the customer is a corporation, then those accepting this agreement, whether accepting as an officer or not, personally guarantee payment for all items purchased by the corporation.
Invoicing is provided by MND Group.